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What is Gieo and our purpose?

A community project by Toa Tàu

Gieo is a journey bringing art experiences to different communities across Vietnam to enliven the values of creativity, connection, and healing.

Seeding Thousands of Joys

These art activities are uniquely designed for each community with the purpose of encouraging everyone to self-express their emotions, thoughts to narrate their life stories.As a result, their creativity potential is activated and their joy of living is nurtured.

Harvesting Thousands of Stories

Using different instruments, including photos, pictures, films, and literature, Gieo gathers and spreads those authentic colorful stories about the daily lives of Vietnamese.

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Why Gieo is a cross country trip?

Art for all

Art is not meant to be unrealistic and unreachable. It is not also exclusive for people with natural born talent as common conception. Art experience, which is carefully designed, can inspire people to awake their abilities to create, connect, and heal. Moreover, the communities’ inner wellbeing and spiritual lives are also encouraged and cherished.

The first journey across Vietnam

In the last 3 years, Toa Tau has welcomed almost 4000 grownups and children onboard participating in a wide variety range of art sessions in Sai Gon. In fall 2017, Toa Tau ignites its engine and travels to 8 diverse communities to sow more joys and happiness.

Stories await to be told

Life is originally composed by stories. We believe that there are many beautiful, amazing and inspirational stories in Vietnam awaiting to be unfold all over Vietnam. Gieo is the journey to sow these joys and harvest these blooming stories.

What gieo does

Gieo journey 2017

45 days cross country trip

From September 3rd, 2017 to October 15th, 2017, Gieo will directly interact with thousand people from 8 different communities with various background.

Daily Storytelling

Paintings, photos, blogs, and music will be created on the road of Vietnam and can be followed on our blog and fanpage

Books, documentaries, and exhibition

After Gieo Journey finishes, these joyful stories will be reviewed, sorted out, and designed to spread further through different means including books, documentaries, and exhibition. Gieo hopes to inspire million people through these creations.

Where gieo goes

Gieo Team

Gieo was designed and performed by 16 members who have been working on hundreds of teaching sessions and thousands of art experience workshops in the last 3 years. Although we are a team with different backgrounds, we all share one single passion: caring for the soul with art. Gieo is the journey to realize our dream: To carry out these unconventional joyful art experience across Vietnam.

Gieo team

Gieo supporters

Gieo has been receiving generous support of many communities, organizations, experts, artists, and many volunteers nationwide. Our benevolent followers, which may not be able to be on the road with us, also show their generosity by backing our project through our website.

Have a great journey!
Le Cat Trong Ly
Ton nu thi ninh
Wish you all a successful trip to carry out the inspirational art experience to 8 different communities in this aspirational country
Ms. Ton Nu Thi Ninh
Director of Ho Chi Minh Peace & Development Foundation
Van possible
I hope that Gieo will be able to get in touch with many people’s souls to create those beautiful emotional moments as Toa Tau has been doing in the last 3 years.
Van Possible
Hang mai
Sow as much happiness as possible
Hang Mai
Founder of Xanhshop
Pham truong son
Vietnam really needs many artistic creative zones so everyone can express themselves in a free, equal, and inspirational environment. Gieo is aiming toward this goal so I highly appreciate their effort.
Pham Truong Son
Vice CEO of LIN center for Community Development
Le do quynh huong
Gieo or Sow is an inspirational, emotional, and lovable word. Because only with sowing these seeds, happiness can bloom. I believe that Gieo journey 2017 will collect many fruitful results as the hope of the supporters who have been cherishing for Gieo to become reality.
Le Do Quynh Huong
Thu ha
I hope that Gieo can flourish and multiply in different regions: More organizations and communities will pick up what Gieo Journey have left behind to embrace and encourage the positive changes in the local areas.
Thu Ha
Journalist/ Author
Narrow the gap
Narrow The Gap Community Fund
Call for action

Gieo is an art project funded by the communities and for the communities. Your participantion is a significant factor in our wonderful journey.

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